One Softdigm


    • Greetings

      We create happy values through the IT.

      Thank you for visiting our ONESOFTDIGM company.
      ONESOFTDIGM is a hardware and software development company whose goal is to be the paradigm for wellness worldwide.

      Our team consists of eager, ingenious members who work around the clock to ensure that our products are assembled with exceptional quality.
      Through these values, we want to be the leading enterprise by developing local SW and creating new values for the customers.

      People who have the courage to take risks and turn visions into reality can transform the world and create novel things.
      We are eager and committed to providing our customers with the best products and services.

      Thank you.

    • Greetings

      President Dae-Ho Lee Greetings


    • Open Mind & Merging
      Open Mind & Merging
      Create the synergy through the integration between software and hardware by building the fluent communication system which excludes stereotype or prejudice about the situation.

    • Focus & Selection
      Focus & Selection
      We invest on the research development for the product and the commercialization of service for the future. By this investment, we promote the best technique and the service field.

    • Key Talent & Nurturing
      Key Talent & Nurturing
      Based on the active investment for the core-talented person, we make an effort to develop the human resource and build up the organization capacity by sharing the vision between the company and the employee.

  • Staff

    Owner Mind, Now Action, Eager Attitude.

    • Daeho Lee
      Daeho Lee
      There is no small thing in the world. There is only a small person.

    • Soonaei Lee
      Soonaei Lee
      There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

    • Chanhee Lee
      Research Director
      Chanhee Lee
      The person responsible is the person who determined, not the person who executed it.

    Advisory Panel
    • Chihyeok Jeon
      Chihyeok Jeon
      R&D Collaborative Work for Big Data
      Department of Industrial Management Engineering
      Probability and Statistical Analysis(PASTA) Lab.

    • Seongmin Park
      Seongmin Park
      R&D Collaborative Work for Device
      Department of Creative IT Engineering
      Innovative Medical Solution(IMS) Lab.

    • Kevin Kim
      Kevin Kim
      Planning and Marketing and Management
      Simply the Best.

    • Byungsoo Kim
      Byungsoo Kim
      Development and Management
      To live creatively, I have to abandon the fear that I might be wrong.

    • Beomjin Ko
      Section Chief
      Beomjin Ko
      Planning and Marketing
      Guard your Heart.

    • Seungmin Yoo
      Section Chief
      Seungmin Yoo
      Planning and Marketing
      Let's go together!

    • Genie Kim
      Section Chief
      Genie Kim
      Development and Design
      The life is only once.

    • Sanha Lee
      Sanha Lee
      Planning and Design
      You will never know until you try.

    • Youngin Lee
      Youngin Lee
      (iOS, Front)
      Little by little does the trick.

    • Gyumin Kim
      Gyumin Kim
      (Android, Front-End)
      To climb steep hills requires slow pace
      at first.

    • Daniel Hwang
      Daniel Hwang
      If you do not walk today, you will have to run tomorrow.

    • Deborah Sim
      Deborah Sim
      To do your best is to go through the emotions of the results.

  • Corporate History

    Our story began with a desire to put the power of knowledge in the hands of our customers.

    • 2018

    • Jun 2018
      Succeed KickStarter Campaign.

      Feb 2018
      Opened OSD (USA) ltd. in US.

      Feb 2018
      ONESOFTDIGM won placement in Korean Innovation Center Silicon valley 'Soaring' 10-week mentoring program for U.S. and global expansion.

      Jan - Feb 2018
      The next device Fitrus Plus launched at CES and MWC.

    • 2017

    • Oct 2017
      Opened ONESOFTDIGM B.V. in the Netherlands.

      Oct 2017
      Succeed Makuake Crowd Funding Campaign in Japan.

      Oct 2017
      SP&G invested in ONESOFTDIGM.

      Oct 2017
      Postech invested in ONESOFTDIGM.

      Sept 2017
      Selected G-Star Dreamer by Gyeongbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center

      Aug 2017
      ONESOFTDIGM won 2017 Highly Commended Award at International Research Symposium in Service Management.

      Jul 2017
      ONESOFTDIGM won accelerator competition at HighTechXL, Eindhoven, Netherlands, placing first among 31 MedTech competitors. Received $15K to entry into new markets.

      Apr 2017
      ONESOFTDIGM Selected Hit500 in South Korea.

      Jan 2017
      First - generation device, ONE SMARTDIET, introduced at Consumer Electronics Show in Austin, TX.

    • 2016

    • May 2016
      Opened Research Institute (ONESOFT LAB).

      Jan 2016
      Registered ONESMARTDIET trademark.

    • 2015

    • Feb 2015
      ONESOFTDIGM is founded in South Korea.